Friday, October 17, 2008

Hot Rod Results So Far...

And the trophy goes to...

Q9450 Quad Core 2.66Ghz processor 1066 FSB
Nvidia GeForce 6600LE 256 Mb
Vista 32
2 X 2 Gb dual channel 667

Non-Scientific Observations:
high gigahertz quad core chips seem to win consistently and provide the biggest returns
Vista 32 is marginally faster than XP
4GB RAM is marginally faster than 2GB
Most had NVidia cards so we couldn't see a difference.

Points for the future:
Try a variety of video cards if possible
Try tasks other than rendering, like zoom extents, who can open the biggest model etc.
Let's revisit this using Revit 64 bit on a high RAM screamer...

it's not too late to post a time...

Please follow these easy 7 steps (it should only take 10-20 minutes)
1. Open user: ORUG password: ORUG
2. Open Ed Speed Test.rvt in Revit 2009
3. Open Revit render test blank report .xls
4. Set screen resolution to 1280 X 1024
5. Go to the Test Rendering View
6. Click Rendering, Set to Medium and Render
7. Fill out Revit render test blank report.xls, rename and post back to ftp site.