Friday, July 20, 2007

July 11 Meeting - Learning From the Best

One summer evening...
Our Revit experts really provided us with some valuable tips and tricks, thank you first to them but also to everyone who attended. Above is the winning logo and website address Thanks to all who participated in the logo competition and to Phil Marjeram for the winning design. Here's what was on the agenda...

'This users group is also a long time in coming. Revit is so revolutionary and fun to use that it creates a very loyal following. The purpose of this site is to connect the Revit users in Ontario who would like to have their say. We will be discussing issues that range from general Revit use to specific topics that only affect us in this part of the world.'

Who are the best? You are. This group has world-class talent in both Architecture and Revit.

Introduce people in their roles:

ORUG Organizers
Jay PoldingORUG Moderator
Yogi Ishwar B.Arch
Brian Griffiths

ORUG Board Members
Richard Ziegler
Paul F. Loreto
John Peterson
Ramon Janer
Sheena Sharp
Domenic Serravite
Caesar Ruest


Detailed reports stating statistics from real users. Join up at
Autodesk is asking us to choose our top suppliers that we want Revit Families from. Make lists
Jeld-Wen windows and doors available.

Topic Tables:

Families and Content

Andre Carvalho from Richard Ziegler Architect was the resident expert. He shared some tricks and tips on parametric families in practice.

Presentations and Rendering

Domenic Serravite, Ramon Janer, Mike Starr were all resident experts on Revit and 3D Studio MAX. Domenic and Ramon brought in some stunning prints of renderings that they have done. The connection between Revit and MAX was discussed.

Sections and Detailing

Revit Guru’ Richard Ziegler provided some insight into the above topic. He showed some examples of how he has handled some difficult detailing issues.

Misc. What’s new in 2008, Hardware questions, Revit Structure

Phil Marjeram, John Peterson, Derek Gauer talked shop on high-end hardware and network issues. We also welcomed Revit Structure users to discuss issues at this table.

Two Autodesk gift bags were given away. Maybe next time those giftbags will contain ORUG branded swag? See you next time.