Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sept. 29th Meeting Notes

Thanks to all who attended last week's meeting. Here are some highlights and pictures...

Over 80 in attendance.

John Peterson, Orug Chair and Content Coordinator for 2010, kept us on-track for our journey of BIM collaboration. Our next meeting will be tying in more consultants and collaborators into the BIM model as the project moves forward.

Jay Polding, ORUG Vice Chair, let us in on the latest Revit 2011 news...
Subscription Advantage Pack for Revit 2011
Revit Server
Conceptual Energy Analysis
Videos Here

Michael Loeters, Account Executive, IQ-I Insurance: Insurance Industry and BIM - Liability Issues
Every interference is a potential claim.
Some insurance companies willing to offer a significant discount to those who use BIM.
Executive Breakfast in November
mloeters@iqiinsurance.com for more info

James Vandezande, Senior Associate, HOK: My Journey with BIM

An approachable, yet very knowledgeable speaker, James let us in on his exciting journey with BIM. Learning more about the behind-the-scenes workings into the making of the book he co-authored, Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture, was fascinating. He pulled back the curtain on some of the inner workings of the earliest Revit and BIM teams at SOM. A duel between Revit and Bentley, a visit from the Mayor of New York and the Freedom Tower were just a few of the interesting stories that were told. Many BIM managers found themselves nodding their heads in unison when James talked about the challenges faced by a BIM leader. "Just say 'Yes, Revit can do that'" was some good advice when dealing with early roadblocks. As we saw from the varied and interesting projects that James is involved in at his current firm HOK, this has been more than just a motto for James.

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