Friday, August 08, 2008

Autodesk Project

Please take a look at the following request...

Autodesk is looking for sample Revit files to use for testing purposes. We are looking for high quality project files of any type of architectural, or architectural-concept designs. We are specifically looking for projects that also include landscapes, surrounding context, urban planning or details such as streets, street furniture, parking lots, vegetation etc. in Revit format. The larger the project the better. We want to use it for rendering purposes as well as real-time performance testing. All files will be kept in a secure location and not shared with any architecture company.
The files must be in RVT format, with ones created in Revit 2009 with applied render appearance materials preferred. The files will be used for internal testing only.
We are also looking for similar scenes to use for usability tests with external people who will only be shown the project under a non-disclosure agreement. If you have a project we can use in this way we will contact you to arrange an agreement for the rights.
If you think you might have a file that fits these requirements please contact Ian Hooper at or 416-874-8523.
Thank you,