Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Initial Planning Meeting - 14-June-06

Thanks to all who attended the preliminary planning meeting! Here are some topics we discussed:

After quick introductions the Revit tips start flying. Here's one; Use the section tool for elevations instead of the typical elevation tool. This may help performance.
How do you get rid of imported dwgs? It was recommended to use link instead because you can purge them.
Try to keep the entire project in Revit as long as possible.
Ideas for the group; LEED topic- Ecotech was recommended. A sponsored website-Ashley Gilbert? Meetings every quarter at a downtown location. Lunch hour is good. Use email for posting to blog. (I will send the address out to all in attendance and to anyone who requests this via email.)
Speakers from Autodesk. Using the Autodesk/Alias conference room. NFR copies of software possibility. Concern for small firms access to resources was voiced.
Secret handshake not decided upon:-)

The next meeting is tentatively planned for mid-August. It will most likely be at Alice Fazooli's downtown. Please email me if you would like to attend.