Thursday, June 02, 2011

May 19th Meeting Notes

Thanks to the 62 people (and 1 robot) who attended and participated in our meeting. Our two main topics were 'what's new in Revit 2012' and point clouds.

Here's how it played out...

7:00 News

Solidcad now sponsoring. Committed to advancing BIM.
Meeting with GORUG, Greater Ottawa Revit Users Group:
GORUG meets at Hard Rock Café every 3-4 months with avg.40 attendance.
Share speakers, presentations, trial Revit server, trial Revit Citrix, record and post presentations

7:05 What’s New in 2012

Revit Architecture: Jay Polding of Solidcad ran through the new features.

Revit Structure: Rita Wong from Entuitive and Bushra Aboelezz from Halcrow Yolles did a great job to showcase some of what's new (and useful).

This time, we didn't have a speaker to get in depth with Revit MEP.  This will change by the next meeting as we have had lots of interest from RevitMEPers who would like to help.

7:40 A Real Live Scanner! Les Orford, Applied Precision Inc. and Tom Schoenhofer of Triatic Imaging scanned the room in a few minutes. Then we brought it into Revit. Simple as that.
This video shows the scanner in action...

This video shows the results in Revit..

8: 30 Scan to BIM with "Scan to BIM": Andre Carvalho, b i m s o l u t i o n s inc.

Andre showed us how he has used point clouds to model buildings in Revit in the past. He also showed us some of the tools that can be used from the 'Scan to BIM' software.